Easy Cottage Cheese Recipe

Cottage cheese

Making homemade cottage cheese is easy with Bacillus Bulgaricus starters! Unlike feta cheese, homemade cottage cheese takes just minutes, and you can eat it right away without aging it first. Home made cottage cheese generally costs about the same as the store bought one but after once reading the ingredients on one from the grocery […]

Ferment de Yaourt Bulgare

Bacillus Bulgaricus est un ferment lactique facile à utiliser qui vous permet de préparer un yaourt bulgare naturel, épais, crémeux, onctueux et absolument délicieux. Bacillus Bulgaricus est un ferment lactique avec qui contient des cultures des bactéries vivantes actives. Ça veut dire que vous pouvez réutiliser le yaourt de votre lot précédent pour faire un […]

What Makes Our Sourdough Starter Different (And Better) Than The Rest


Let me start by explaining how is our Bacillus Bulgaricus starter different than the other sourdough starters out there. Now, in order to make sourdough bread you need to first prepare a levain, and for that you need to grow and maintain your own live active sourdough starter. There is more information about sourdough starters […]

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