What Makes Our Sourdough Starter Different (And Better) Than The Rest


Let me start by explaining how is our Bacillus Bulgaricus starter different than the other sourdough starters out there. Now, in order to make sourdough bread you need to first prepare a levain, and for that you need to grow and maintain your own live active sourdough starter. There is more information about sourdough starters […]

Sourdough Bread Recipe and Easy Step by Step Instructions with Pictures and Videos

This recipe is great if you are just starting your sourdough-making experience. Once you’ve mastered it, then you really won’t need a recipe to follow — you’ll know what to do at each step. Ingredients 500 g / 17.64 oz flour (see notes on flour below) 325 g / 11.46 oz warm water (see notes […]

The Magic of Bulgarian Yogurt

it is not a secret that Bulgarian yogurt has medicinal effect on the human body. It has existed and has been used by the Bulgarian people for thousands of years. It has originated in the Rhodope Mountains region in Bulgaria. There, many centuries ago, the indigenous population started making yogurt by souring milk using nothing […]

Package Sizes and Contents

Sachet sizes

Bacillus Bulgaricus starters of the same name and size generally contain the same amount of starter, regardless of the starter type, unless otherwise noted on the package. Here is a chart that shows the contents in gram per package name and size. SMALL – 0.5 L / 0.5 qt — Contains 0.5 grams of starter. […]

The math behind the quantity of yogurt starter and the volume of yogurt it makes

Bacillus Bulgaricus starters are great at making excellent products. They are easy to use and the yogurt always turns out great. If this is the first time you are using yogurt starter (or maybe the first time thinking about it), it might be somewhat confusing understanding how the starter works. Occasionally, we get get asked […]

Difference between Kefir Grains and Kefir Starter

various dairy products in ceramic dishes

Kefir Starter Culture is made of freeze-dried bacteria, similar to our yogurt starter culture. It is a powdery substance that you activate when you use it, in order to make kefir. Kefir grains are clumps of live kefir bacteria, colonies of yeast and bacteria, held together by kefirin, a polysaccharide substance. They are soft and rubbery […]

Making Thicker Yogurt

Bacillus Bulgaricus culture is super strong, so strong that it makes the so-thick-it-doesn’t-fall-off-the-jar-when-upside-down kind of yogurt even when using skim milk. Yogurt thickness, in general, does not depend on the culture you using. Of course if you are using super weak culture you won’t get good yogurt but today’s cultures that are available on the […]

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