A Failproof Way To Making Your Own Yogurt

It is super easy to make yogurt.

Yogurt is a natural product made from fermenting milk by a lactic acid bacteria, so it will always naturally set when given the right conditions. However, sometimes you might need some practice before you make the perfect yogurt. Especially if you had not made yogurt before, or, say, have used many different cultures before, each more peculiar than the other.

This little routine will guarantee that you will always get the best results:

  1. Heat up the milk to a boil, keep it 8-10 minutes at boiling temperature (make sure it doesnt’ burn during that time)
  2. Set aside a cup from the milk
  3. Keep the rest of the milk in the container you heated it (or distribute it to the culturing containers – 1L mason jars work the best)
  4. When the milk in the cup is at 30-32ºC / 86-90ºF (it will feel cool to the touch) add the yogurt starter to it (you are adding the starter to the milk in cup, not to the milk in the container).
  5. When the rest of the milk (in the container) is ready, at 42-43ºC / 108-110ºF (you should be able to hold your pinky finger in it comfortably for a few seconds), distribute the milk from the cup (the one with the starter) to the jars, proportionally to their volume.
  6. Stir well the milk in the jars
  7. Place a blanket in your microwave (oven works too). Ovens are thermo-insulated and minimize the loss of heat.
  8. Place the jars in the microwave on the blanket.
  9. Loosely cover the jars with their lids
  10. Wrap in one or more blankets – just make sure the blankets are covering the jars from all directions. This will make sure jars stay warm all throughout the incubation process.
  11. Leave overnight (or about 8 hours). Check to make sure it has set, if it hasn’t, leave it for a couple of more hours, until it sets.
  12. Move to the fridge for 2 hrs before eating

You have made some perfect yogurt!

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