Got yogurt? Is it hot outside? Make Ayran!


It’s beginning to look a lot like summer and if you are thinking about vacationing in place (smart choice!) then you need every help you can get to cool off and chill out.

So here’s a recipe for some very Bulgarian drink that could only be made with Bulgarian yogurt. It’s called ayran and if you haven’t tried it, then you are missing out!

Made of yogurt and water, ayran is the simplest drink you can prepare yourself besides, well, pouring yourself a glass of water. Add some salt to it and you have in your hand a combination of a hot summer relief, a thirst quencher, a nutritious smoothie, and the best hangover aid. You can’t prepare it with regular yogurt though – you have to use genuine Bulgarian yogurt, otherwise it’s just … bleh. So grab your yogurt starter, make some Bulgarian yogurt and convert it into the goodness that is ayran. Scroll down for recipe.



2 parts yogurt
1 part water
A pinch of salt


Mix, chill, drink, ahhhhh – refreshing.

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