The Magic of Bulgarian Yogurt

it is not a secret that Bulgarian yogurt has medicinal effect on the human body. It has existed and has been used by the Bulgarian people for thousands of years.

It has originated in the Rhodope Mountains region in Bulgaria. There, many centuries ago, the indigenous population started making yogurt by souring milk using nothing but stuff that came from nature — tree bark, sticks from ant hills, blossoms from trees, often just by leaving milk out. It worked because of tiny bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus is unique to the Bulgarian climate and nature. That geographical region is the only place on Earth where it can be naturally found everywhere — in the air, soil, grass, trees, water, everywhere. Yogurt has been part of the diet of Bulgaria’s most ancient inhabitants, the Thracians, who were good sheep breeders. It is believed that the word yog meant “thick” in Thracian and urt meant “milk” and that’s how the word yogurt appeared.

Between the fourth and sixth century BC, they used to put milk in lambskin bags, which they carried about on their waists. The warmth of the body and the microflora of the bags fermented it and the rest is history — Bulgarians have been making yogurt for hundreds of years perfecting it with every batch.

And the more yogurt they ate, the healthier they’ve become. In the early 1900s a survey had a doctor from the Pasteur Institute in Paris compiled statistics from 36 countries to discover that more people lived to the age of 100 in Bulgaria than in any other country. He suspected that this could be attributed to the country’s most traditional food — home-made yogurt. Later on this doctor, called Ilya Mechnikov would go to win a Nobel Prize in 1908 for his discovery of the Lactobacillus bulgaricus healing properties and linking yogurt to longevity. Since then, numerous scientific studies in Europe, Japan and the United States proved the bacteria in yogurt help maintain good health by protecting the human body from toxins, infections, allergies and some types of cancer.

Undoubtedly, yogurt is healthy! Legend has it that the Mongol warlord Genghis Khan fed his army with yogurt because of its healthy properties. Yogurt as a medicine made its debut in Western Europe history when in the 16th century a Turkish doctor cured the French king Francis I’s persistent stomach trouble by putting him on a Bulgarian yogurt diet. Soon after, Bulgarian yogurt began to be sold in European pharmacies as a medicine for people with intestinal disorders. Just a few years ago, consumption of yogurt was proven to alleviate and prevent Alzheimer’s.

A good source of vitamin B, calcium and protein, yogurt’s virtue as a health food has defied time.

Our Bacillus Bulgaricus starter contains the same exact wonderful and healthy yogurt culture!

This is a short list of problems that Bacillus Bulgaricus and Bulgarian yogurt have proven beneficial. That list has been compiled based on scientific research as well as our own and our clients observations and feedback.

  • Bulgarian yogurt is safe for lactose intolerant people
  • Bulgarian yogurt is safe for casein intolerant people
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with severe gut dysbiosis
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with Psoriasis
  • Bulgarian yogurt is Keto diet’s only allowed yogurt
  • You can use Bacillus Bulgaricus to make yogurt for your GAPS diet
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with Candida infections
  • Eat Bulgarian yogurt after Penicilin and other antibiotics treatments to replenish your gut bacteria
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps and is safe for people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Bulgarian yogurt is virtually lactose-free
  • Bulgarian yogurt is gluten free and it’s perfect safe to consume if you have allergy to wheat or gluten
  • SIBO/unbalance the bacteria in the gut
  • Bulgarian yogurt is allowed and in fact works wonders if you are on a SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) managing celiac disease
  • Yogurt made with Bacillus Bulgaricus is a great source of protein, even it’s whey is loaded with proteins
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt helps with hyperparathyroidism
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt helps with managing acid reflux (GERD)
  • Bulgarian yogurt contributes to digestive health and strengthens your immune system
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with digestive and stomach problems
  • The probiotics in Bulgarian yogurt are beneficial in managing autoimmune diseases
  • Bulgarian yogurt is generally safe for people with food allergies, including dairy allergies
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt helps managing Type II diabetes
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt has proven beneficial in fighting and preventing Parkinson’s Disease
  • The microbiotic flora of Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt helps soften down colitis pains
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps people with vitamin K deficiency. Warfarin for example antagonises Vitamin K and can lead to hardening of the arteries and even dementia in the long term. Yogurt fights those effects.
  • Bulgarian yogurt helps with hypertension
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt helps with Hashimoto’s disease
  • Bulgarian yogurt is beneficial in treating Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) disease.
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus boosts the immune system and helps fight off infections. It is often given to people fighting infections such as Lyme disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.
  • Bacillus Bulgaricus yogurt is perfect if you are on a control carbohydrate diet.
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Beneficial food supplement when you have to take a Proton Pump Inhibitor
  • Bulgarian yogurt is one of the very few that are safe/approved for SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth disease) patients
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