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Get a pack of Skyr, Filmjolk, Viili and Caspian Sea Yogurt heirloom starters so you can try them all!


Try all our excellent yogurts (and kefir) with this sampler combo deal. Get a DOUBLE – 4 L / 1 gal pack of each one of Bulgarian Yogurt, Bulgarian Yogurt with Rose, Greek Yogurt, and Kefir starters PLUS a bonus pack of Skyr starter (it's a type of yogurt too!)

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Nordic and Specialty

Skyr Starter

(501 reviews)

Our Skyr starter makes a traditional Skyr with a thick and creamy consistency and a characteristic mild flavor.

Our Skyr starter makes genuine Icelandic Skyr of exceptional quality with classic Skyr taste, thickness, mild acidity and aroma.
Simply select a pack size and enjoy some great Skyr!

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