What Makes Our Sourdough Starter Different (And Better) Than The Rest


Let me start by explaining how is our Bacillus Bulgaricus starter different than the other sourdough starters out there.

Now, in order to make sourdough bread you need to first prepare a levain, and for that you need to grow and maintain your own live active sourdough starter.

There is more information about sourdough starters here, but generally a live active sourdough starter is a stable mixture of beneficial lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts. The bacteria are responsible for the fermentation of the dough and contributes to that characteristic ‘sour’ flavor of your sourdough bread. And the yeasts are responsible for making your dough rise and the oven spring of your bread during baking.

So how do you get those two things in your live active sourdough starter?

Well, they are already there – bacteria and yeasts are on the flour, in the air, and basically on everything around you. Once you start mixing flour with water and keep going, those microorganisms will start multiplying, growing and forming colonies and at the end you will get a nice live active sourdough starter ready to raise and ferment your dough. Just like that – out of thin air 🙂

The drawback is that this process takes time and sometimes it might be difficult to make it work.

Now, enter sourdough starter kits (those in the packs that you buy from the store).

Sourdough starter kits are used to help you jump-start the entire process. The idea is that by using some of the sourdough starter that someone else started – either live starter or dry starter — you are going to introduce those beneficial strains and yeasts in larger numbers directly into your own live starter from the start so it hits the ground running.

But there is a catch!

Sourdough starters generally available on the market usually contain one of two things – either previously active starter, which has been dried and possibly ground, or simply a serving of flour from a specific part of the world, which is supposedly rich in beneficial strains.

So when you use starter kits like those in order to create your own live sourdough starter, the idea is that the lactic acid and yeasts strains, which are in the old ground starter or the flour, will come to live and contribute to the development of the micro flora of your own live sourdough starter.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Not quite!

What I described above is more of a perfect scenario kind of thing – hoping that the strains will come to live when you start feeding them and that they are active enough to get your live starter going.

Sure, it might happen. In fact, sometimes it does. The problem is that more often it does not.

And here comes our Bacillus Bulgaricus Sourdough Starter to save the day 🙂

What makes our Sourdough Starter different, is that it contains freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts. The same kind, which your live active starter needs in order to be develop strong and healthy.

As soon as you start feeding your live sourdough starter, made from our Sourdough Starter pack, those freeze-dried strains thaw and come back to live. They start to quickly multiply and build colonies on top of colonies, readily giving you exactly what you need to have your live sourdough starter.

Our starter takes the guessing game out of the picture. There is no chance that the strains are not active enough or if they are there at all, as it often is the case with the old dried starters and flour starter kits.

Our starter basically guarantees that your own live sourdough starter is well-taken care of from the get go.

Now it’s up to you to feed it and let it mature to develop more taste. And of course use it to make sourdough bread!

And what makes our Sourdough Starter kit better than others? Read on.

Quick Activation

Bacillus Bulgaricus Sourdough Starter is very easy to use and quick to activate. All you need to do is add it to flour and water and it’s going to take off. See complete sourdough starter activation instructions here.

Fast Fermentation

Because the lactic acid colonies in your live active sourdough starters are well-developed from the start, your dough ferments much faster compared to when using a different starter. On average it takes about 4:30 hrs of fermentation time at 77°F / 25°C (compared to 6:30 hrs fermentation time on average with other starters).

Full Flavor

Bacillus Bulgaricus Sourdough Starter is a quickly fermenting and fast acting starter, but it by no means sacrifices on flavor. The starter contains a unique combination of lactic acid strains and yeasts that will make your bread taste heavenly and have all the healthy benefits of sourdough bread. From a health standpoint, the bread made with this sourdough starter is superior to other loaves. Not only the lactic acid bacteria and the fermentation help to break down the gluten, making it more digestible and easy for the body to absorb but it also boosts the natural occurring acids with colonies of gut-healthy strains, like the famed Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. It makes sourdough bread with excellent flavor even with minimal maturation.

Excellent Oven Spring

Our Sourdough Starter gives the dough a reliable fast, strong and steady rise during proofing and it produces an excellent oven spring, yielding a superb sourdough bread with lots of air pockets, great open crumb, nice crust, just the perfect texture, and heavenly taste. This happens because the yeasts in your own live active sourdough starter are well developed, thanks to the freeze-dried strains from our starter pack, and they contribute to a good oven spring and nice open crumb of your sourdough bread.

Probiotic Yeast Strains

When you grow your own starter, it naturally develops a common bakers yeast – Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It gets it spores from the air or from the flour you use to feed your starter. Our starter contains colonies of the probiotic version of that common yeast – one called Saccharomyces Boulardii. As a result, your live sourdough starter now contains ‘the better’ probiotic version of the yeasts that make your bread rise.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

But of course! It’s all about the Bacillus Bulgaricus 🙂

When you grow your own starter, it naturally forms colonies of lactic acid bacteria. They are the ones responsible for taste, for gluten development, for health, etc. Again, they come from the air and from the flour you feed it with. Our Sourdough Starter contains colonies of several beneficial probiotic lactic acid bacteria including, most importantly, the famous lactobacillus bulgaricus strain. Since it only freely grows only in the vicinity of Bulgaria, it means that you cannot develop that strain in your live sourdough starter on your own (unless you are in Bulgaria). Luckily, we bring it on for you 🙂

Starter Booster / Starter SOS Pack

As explained above, starters that are generally available on the market usually contain previously used dried starter or simply flour. Our starter, on the other hand, contains freeze-dried strains of both the lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, readily available to be brought to live. So anytime you need to ‘refresh’ your dormant starter or you need to nurse a weak starter back to live simply dunk in the contents of one of our Sourdough Starter pack and you are back in the game!

No Guessing Games

When you use other starters you are basically hoping that there are enough lactic acid and yeast strains in them and that they would come to live when you start feeding them. That’s not always the case and more often than not, people fail to start their own live starter when using those.

Our starter contains freeze-dried strains of both the lactic acid bacteria and yeasts that your live starter needs to be healthy and happy. That takes the guessing out of the equation and basically guarantees that once you start feeding your starter with flour and water, it will be alive and bubbly fairly quickly (in the matter of hours).

It’s like a jump-starter for the micro-flora in your own live sourdough starter!

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